Router Login is a private IP address through which one can access many company’s routers and modems which are residing in the local network. You could access your router through this IP address192.168.1.254 Router Login, however, you would require the username and password to access its settings and configure it. You could consult your user manual that came with your router to know the username and password of your router, however, if you could not locate it then you could try below two default username and passwords to access it.

1: Username: admin

Password: admin

2: Username: root

Password: admin



However, in case you don’t know or remember your username and password, then you may follow below mentioned steps to access it.


  1. Open your browser and type in the IP Address –
  2. Remember that this IP address works only for IPv4 address not for IPv6 address.
  3. On this page, you can even reset your username and password. You need to search for factory defaults page which is usually under administration tab.
  4. There on factory default tab, you need to click on “restore factory settings“.


Second Method to restore factory settings is hard boot your router


  1. Turn off your router from the main switch.
  2. Now you need to press and hold the reset button of your router. You would require a pointed pin like prop to do this. Release the button after like ten seconds while you have again turned on your router.
  3. After you have released the button, you should wait for the device to reboot and try to see if the connection on computer is re-establishing.
  4. Now on the page which have opened with the default IP address – , try using default username and password both as ‘admin’. Also, you may search online for default username and password for your device by searching the terms like “Sparkline router default username and password”.
  5. Once you enter this page, you can setup new username and password for your router.
  6. Remember, all the information will be reset to factory settings while you have reset the router, hence you need to setup everything (all information) again.
  7. You must change three most important things one you have reset the router and logged into your IP address page that is change the default IP address of your router, change the default username and password of your router and change the default network name of your router. These will ensure that your router is safe from unwanted intrusion and hacking.
  8. To configure your router on this page, follow the below steps


  1. Click on advance section setup of your router.
  2. Here you need to tap on Service Provider name.
  3. As per your requirement, select one of the two that is bridge mode or PPPOE.
  4. Now save and reboot your router to make the changes effective.


Some of the brands whose routers use this IP address are 2Wire Routers, Billion Routers, Netopia Routers, Thomson Routers, GigaFast, Hawking, Intellinet, LevelOne, Linksys.


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